1. nevver:

    Your moment of Zen, Hengki Koentjoro

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  3. thegreendiamond:

    austyn - switch flip

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  4. Three Poems


    I had a handful of french fries sticking out of my face
    as I pulled out of the drive thru and made
    a right turn

    I cut a guy off and
    he laid on his horn
      and I reached my hand into the bag again


    Had some whiskey and
    got a little sad
    It’s time for bed but
    I ain’t goin


    A little drunk and
    a little happy
      It’s midnight
    and the teapot just started whistlin

  5. vansskate:

    "One of my favorite images I’ve ever taken. Dustin Dollin post slam while some business men walk up the stairs behind him in Prague. I love the juxtaposition between the two worlds.” - asmithphotography

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  6. "If someone asks you what you do and you say “artist”, you look like a pretentious ass. Saying you are a photographer at least partly masks the fact that you are a pretentious ass."

  7. whatsericupto:

    two years in the making

    new album

    i love you

  8. everything-bagels:

    Jake Cook | Bs Grind | Aurora, IL

  10. cabinporn:

    Erik’s Cabin in Thule, Greenland.

    Submitted by Jim Pire.